My AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge – Getting Started


I took the plunge. About three weeks ago my roommate asked me if I wanted to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge (24DC) with her. I learned that the 24 days were made up of a 10 day ‘cleanse’ phase and a 14 day ‘max’ phase. If you know me, you know I’ve been a huge skeptic of ‘cleanses’ in the past because let’s face it: I like food. Real food. In my mind, ‘cleanse’ meant that I would be drinking my meals for the next three weeks and I’d rather have a weekly root canal. Luckily, my roommate had done the 24DC before and explained that I would most certainly be able to eat real food, but I would have to pay closer attention to what I ate. High in protein, low in carbs, focus on clean eating…these all sounded like things I could buy into. Then she dropped the kicker: no alcohol. Excuse me? This craft beer loving lady couldn’t imbibe in that hoppy goodness for 24 days? Yikes. This was a commitment. sad beer.nar

The reality was that I needed a kickstart. After my summer of #lakelife, I’d had my share of lazy days in floaties, snacking the day away and enjoying the refreshing taste of a cold beverage. The new school year has started, travel season begins for me soon and I wanted to get ‘back on track,’ as they say. Enter the 24DC.

We placed our order with my co-worker (an AdvoCare Independent Distributor) and decided to start on September 2 (mainly so we could enjoy one more summer day on Labor Day!). I found some great ‘cleanse-friendly’ recipes online and came up with a 24DC Grocery List to help me avoid temptations as I walked through the store. When the 24DC box arrived, I have to admit I got nervous…it was a lot of stuff. Here’s what you get when you open the box:


Herbal Cleanse
Spark Energy drink
Metabolic Nutrition System – MNS
Meal Replacement Shake

Since both my roommate and I were doing the 24DC, we were able to get a little more variety in products. We chose the order four flavors of Spark: Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade and Watermelon. We also got two flavors of Meal Replacement Shakes–Chocolate and Vanilla. We both received the Citrus Herbal Cleanse box and MNS 3, although there are some options with those products as well. Being the nerd I am, I had printed out the 24DC Daily Guide and read as many blogs online as I could find. I completed the Fitness Assessment: taking initial measurements, stepping on the scale and taking the dreaded ‘before’ pictures. I was feeling ready…but was I?

Check out my next 24DC post to find out!

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