Auntie Day Care

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving and my dear nephew Brody didn’t have day care…Auntie Jill to the rescue! After starting off our day with PopTarts and warm chocolate (because Brody doesn’t like it hot), we started to clean up the house to help Mommy and Daddy get ready for hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. First mission, breaking down all of the cardboard to bring it out to the recycling!


The last box I broke down was from Daddy’s cool new deep fryer, which he’s going to use to make a turkey tomorrow. As I started to break it down, I realized it was perfectly “Brody-sized!” Despite my desire to continue with our cleaning projects, my crafty ADD kicked in and I got an idea…let’s make a BRODY BOX! To be fair, I totally stole this idea from Pinterest, but I’ve wanted to try it ever since I saw it! So we taped up the ends of the box, and cut some holes in the top, which fit Christmas lights perfectly!


After making holes for all of the lights, we covered the wires with paper so little fingers wouldn’t get stuck in the wires. We jazzed it up with some color crayons and made sure the plug in was free from under the paper.


Then it was time for the debut of the BRODY BOX and we decided watching Cars 2 was the perfect way to try it out! We put a little blanket on the inside, plugged it in and Brody crawled inside…


Perfecto! Brody has his very own BRODY BOX, which he told me he was excited to share with his cousins (Adaja, Kalen and Donovan) tomorrow. Apparently it was a hit, because it didn’t take long until it was nap time in the BRODY BOX!


All of this fun and it’s only 10am! I can’t wait to see what is in store for us post-Cars nap!

Much love to you and yours on this Thanksgiving Eve…


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