Getting my craft on!

Those of you who know me are familiar with my craft obsession–making cards, scrapbooks, unique gifts, etc. I’ve always loved giving handmade gifts and cards more than something I thoughtlessly pick up off a shelf at Target (although I’ve been known to do that in a pinch!). So about a month ago, I purchased a Cricut Expression from my favorite craft store (Crafts Direct, or “The Craft Mecca,” as I call it!) during their Bag Sale…and took my crafting to a whole new level.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Cricut, it’s a machine that creates die cuts of letters, shapes, cards, calendars…basically whatever your little heart desires. It’s basically a crafter’s Dream Machine. So I started making cards…and cards…and cards…to the point that I have to physically pull myself away from my Cricut most nights. I just love the card creation process, from choosing the paper to putting the final rhinestone embellishments on. (I know some of you reading are throwing up your “Nerd Card,” and I’m totally okay with that!)

I created an Etsy store and Facebook page called “Handmade for You” to showcase and sell the cards I’m making. I love personalizing cards for people and can change the color schemes to match the most unique ideas! I hope you will check out my pages and give me feedback–what do you like? What kinds of cards would you like to see on the site? I’m already working on some cool changes based on the advice of some family and friends and I’d love to hear more! Before I get back to my “real job” (which helps pay for my crafting obsession), I wanted to share a couple of my current cards…enjoy!

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