Do you Tweet?

Among my family and most of my friends, Twitter is still a new phenomenon that is relatively unused. I’ll admit–it wasn’t until I got my first smart phone last spring that I really started using it, but now–4,447 tweets later–I can say I’m addicted. I’ve found it’s pretty hard to explain Twitter to people who don’t use it.

“Isn’t it just like Status Updates on Facebook?”

“I don’t need people to know what I’m doing every second.”

But it’s so much more than that! One day I came across a tweet that explained my relationship with Twitter and Facebook perfectly:

“Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met, while Facebook makes you hate people you’ve known your entire life.”

And it’s so true! I have “met” people (who I affectionately call my “Twitter Friends”) who are some of the most inspiring, passionate and fun people I’ve ever known! And how do I know that? Because of what they tweet.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know several people from Twitter IRL (which means “In Real Life” for you non-Tweeters–don’t worry, I had to look it up!) and can honestly call them friends. We’ve had “Tweetups,” which is when you schedule a time and place (via Twitter) to meet. And no…we don’t sit around and tweet while at a Tweetup. We meet new people, talk about life, have a couple drinks…and then usually end up tweeting about it later. Sound crazy? Maybe…but I’ve met some pretty sweet people via Twitter.

Take the Polar Plunge for example: next Saturday, I will be jumping into Lake Pleasant outside of St. Cloud with 11 other people as part of Team I am MN Nice. Who else is on my team? People from Twitter. (Here’s the shameless plug: DONATE HERE)

And what is “I am MN Nice?” Funny you should ask…I met @IamMNnice (his real name is Ryan) on Twitter. He runs the website (check it out!) and is in the business of promoting all things Minnesota: products, people, and events just to name a few. He also sells some pretty great t-shirts. Not to mention he’s pretty much amazing. =)

So if you don’t tweet, don’t knock it until you try it. And if you do, follow me at @jhiscock. And until next time…

Paz y amor,


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2 Responses to Do you Tweet?

  1. Teri says:

    I tweet, but am not nearly as prolific at it as you are!

  2. Leah Michele says:

    And Twitter is how I met you 🙂

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