My Super Bowl Party Recipes

So tomorrow is the big ol’ Super Bowl Party and I’ve been busy getting food and drinks purchased and ready for the game.  So what will I be bringing?

I love the WeightWatchers recipe for Hearty Turkey Chili, so I’ll be making a crockpot of that, which will be served along with saltines and reduced fat shredded cheese. I typically add a can of black beans to the recipe as well, which slightly increases the POINTSPlus value of the chili.

I’m also going to be making JELL-O Football molds in Black and Yellow for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green and Yellow for the Green Bay Packers.  My lovely mom gave me these molds about 4 years ago when I hosted my first Super Bowl party and I’ve been using them every year since!  Making the black might be a little tricky…but with a little mixing hopefully I’ll be able to get it right!

My last food offering is a Spicy Black Bean Salsa that my mom introduced me to…it’s SO good and full of veggies! Again, I modify it a little bit and don’t use black-eyed peas but add an extra can of black beans instead. I love this salsa because it isn’t very “tomato-ey” but is full of flavor! Check it out!

Last–but certainly not least–I needed to get some chilled beverages for our little shin-dig.  I’m a huge beer fan and attended the St. Cloud Craft Beer Expo a couple weekends ago. There I was introduced to Finnegan’s Irish Amber, which is a super tasty beer (and only 144 calories!), but even better is that 100% of their profits are donated to local charities! Talk about a beer with a conscious!  They’ve even donated to one of my Pay Day Friday charities, Admission Possible–how cool is that?  I picked up a couple 6-packs (and had a warm fuzzy feeling doing it!) and look forward to introducing my friends to it tomorrow.  I urge you to check it out–you won’t be disappointed!

I hope you’re having fun getting ready for your own Super Bowl parties (don’t forget to download my Super Bowl BINGO cards!) and have lots of good food and drink to share!  I’ll make sure to share pictures next week of our gathering!

Happy Super Bowl!

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4 Responses to My Super Bowl Party Recipes

  1. Teri says:

    Love Finnegan’s Irish Amber!!!

  2. Mom says:

    We must be related! 🙂 Not having a SuperBowl “party,” but another couple coming over to watch on the big screen, and we’ll have Turkey Chili, Spicy Black Bean Salsa and beer also! No jello shots for this crew, though! =) AND I’ve already printed off your Bingo Cards! What fun! Have a GREAT time!

  3. hamster porn says:

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