Super Bowl XLV BINGO

Despite the fact that my all-time favorite team will always be the Minnesota Twins, I’m a sucker for social gatherings and this weekend happens to be one of my favorite sports-related events of the year! No…not the Australia vs. England Cricket match…but the Super Bowl! This year we will once again gather for an afternoon and evening of friends, food and a little football. I have to admit that I could care less about who wins the game, but just thinking about the number of otherwise normal adults who will be wearing large pieces of cheese on their heads makes it all worth it! (#gopackgo)

I created a Super Bowl BINGO card a couple years ago during my first shot at hosting and we had a lot of fun with it. For those of you hosting your own parties, feel free to use these Super Bowl Bingo with your guests! (There are seven different cards–so make sure you spread them around or everyone will have BINGO at the same time!) There are a combination of football and commercial related “spaces,” so usually everyone can participate…even not-so-serious fans like myself.

Have a fun, safe Super Bowl weekend everyone!


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